Focus on Solutions People Want

Read our report on how to make climate plans work.
Read our 20 page report on how to make climate plans work. Mandatory reading for anyone looking for simple solutions for the complexity of public outreach and engagement.

Spend any time working on climate change or sustainability strategies, and you will realize that we can’t find a long term solution without a transition to a conserver society – living better with less.

The real challenge for all of the government strategies is to engage people, communities, and businesses as part of the change. Not just a “do your part” list, or consultation on what government should do, but the complex process of transforming our society and economy through organic and voluntary action.

Here’s what we know:

  1. We need to shift to a more efficient future. We need to use less. Less fossil fuels in particular, but we also need to shift to more sustainable consumption of all resources – land, water, fish, trees, minerals. It’s all part of a sustainable future.
  2. We want to keep Canada as a great place to live. We want solutions that can actually improve our lives while reducing our environmental impact. We want to live better with less.
  3. The solutions are complex. There is no quick fix. Shifting to the future we want will be a gradual process, with every individual and family, and every business making choices along the way.

This is what we can do. We can nudge the change along – by organizing, collaborating, and through innovation. We can embrace the complexity, and find ways to empower people, organizations, and businesses to make positive changes.

Big Ideas for Climate Action and Sustainability

We have some big ideas for ways for Canada to take action on climate change and sustainability. You’ll find the full set of recommendations and ideas in “Achieving the Future Canadians Want”.

The following big ideas are presented as an open concept – they require high-level leadership and widespread collaboration to implement fully.  You can also check out Projects page to see how we are pushing ahead with bite size pieces.

 1.  A National Vision

Canada’s non-governmental organizations and social leaders need to band together around a strong vision of what we want our country to look like. This vision should drive a national agenda for collaborative action and political leadership.

2. Our Own National Strategy
Imagine if we had a national collaborative strategy for climate change – organizations and businesses working together to show that the shift to a low-carbon future could actually improve our economy and quality of life.

3. Community Action

Canada needs to invest in community-based action — the ability of community leaders and local groups to take action on national and local priorities and to help shape a low-carbon, sustainable future around vibrant communities.

4. Future Funds

Canada needs to link carbon pricing with funding for green infrastructure, community development, and incentives for conservation and renewable energy.

5. National Collaborative Campaigns

Canada needs collaborative campaigns to promote action on priority solutions, such as energy conservation and renewable power, safe cycling, local food, and local economies.