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There's several years of research is behind our proposed solutions, from a comprehensive discussion of the next wave of environmental and sustainability leadership ("The Next Wave", November 2014) to our most recent challenge paper, "Climate Action 2016: Are we climate ready?"

Climate Action 2016: Are we climate ready?

2015 was the year of climate commitments. 2016 needs to be the year of climate action.

We have four suggestions, plus an idea for a nation-wide Climate Ready campaign.

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Achieving the Future Canadians Want

This paper follows up on the report card on sustainability leadership in Canada. It proposes a way to break through the deadlock and acrimony around climate change and sustainability by focusing on solutions people want.

It sounds obvious, but the implications are profound.

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The Future Canadians Want

Canada scores a "C" in sustainability - but it has the potential to become a "B" by 2020.

Our report card looks at 20 categories: ten related to vision, planning and coordination, and ten that are green solutions. The results show a strong foundation for sustainability in Canada, but also a clear need for renewed leadership.

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The next wave of conservation and sustainability leadership

The Next Wave is a 90-page report on current trends and opportunities for a new wave of environmental leadership in Canada
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The trends section (approx. 35 pages) covers environmental, resource, economic, business, governance, and funding trends. It concludes that the trends are all negative, that they are connected, and that they are mutually reinforcing. To address and reverse these trends will require looking at the root causes and developing an integrated strategic response.

The solutions section (approx. 55 pages) looks at ways to nudge organic change (the natural process of adapting to environmental and economic crises) through catalytic projects and collaborative campaigns.

Two appendices were also included in the final report. These consisted of in-depth research that was incorporated into the section on governance trends:
1. Canada’s High-Level Strategies (a review of high-level strategies at the provincial and national levels)
2. Communicating Priorities (a review of environmental priorities on provincial and national websites)