Funding our Future

Get used to it… carbon pricing is here to stay.

Billions of dollars will be raised each year across the country either through direct carbon taxes or cap-and-trade pricing. The question is, what will we do with the funds.

There are two principles everyone seems to agree upon: revenue-neutrality and transparency. These funds can’t just be quietly sucked into general government revenue. The real question is whether the money should be used for tax cuts, or whether we should invest it in the future we want. And when you look beyond the initial gut reaction, the answer is pretty clear.

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Canada, and every province, needs to set up a future fund as part of their climate plans to invest in transit, energy conservation, and local communities. We need to see direct public benefit from carbon pricing that improves our lives and saves us money.

The race is on. Which government will be the first to set up a future fund?