Ten Priorities

Family on bikes outdoors smiling
Our common vision: we all want Canada to be a great place to live.

Let’s start with this:  ten things that would make our lives better, and maybe lower our cost of living and save the planet at the same time.

We’ve picked ten priorities for shifting Canada onto a conserver path.  Ten priorities that can improve our quality of life and reduce our ecological footprint at the same time.

Where we live

  1. Urban design: we build urban villages that are compact, vibrant and walkable
  2. Cycling: we can ride bikes safely
  3. Public Transit:  we have affordable and efficient transit both in and between cities

Natural Resources

  1. Energy: we conserve energy and use green power
  2. Resources: we use all natural resources sustainably
  3. Food: we eat locally grown, healthy food from a strong rural economy

Our Economy

  1. Jobs: we invest in a resilient local and green economy
  2. Wealth: we value personal growth through health, fitness, culture and education

The Environment

  1. Waste: we aim for zero waste and pollution
  2. Nature: we protect natural areas and greenspaces

We’ll be adding pages to this section over the next few months on each of these solutions — who’s doing what, and great ideas that can you can “adapted and adopted” in your own work or community.