Chris Winter

For over 30 years, Chris Winter has been a leading advocate for conservation in Canada. As Executive Director for the Conservation Council of Ontario, he designed projects and campaigns to promote conservation, including:

  1. a provincial conservation strategy, mapping goals and actions for a sustainable future;
  2. the Great Green Directory, connecting people with conservation solutions;
  3. Doors Closed campaign, promoting responsible air conditioning in stores;
  4. the Ontario Conservation Summit, bringing conservation leaders together;
  5. Conservation Trends research to monitor changes in opinions and behaviours
 Chris was a founder of Jane's Walk, now an internationally successful annual event that sees local leaders host free community walks. He helped the City of Toronto design the Live Green Toronto membership card, giving green consumers rewards for shopping at local green stores. He recently won the 2012 Green Toronto Award for leadership.

Through Canada Conserves, Chris is helping integrate a conserver ethic (live better with less) into environmental and community engagement programs across Canada.

With his latest initiative, Climate Action Canada, Chris is tackling the biggest environmental issue of all, and showing how acting on climate change can actually improve our quality of life and create a better future for all Canadians.


Need Help?

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