We Deserve Better

I’ve long thought that Canada’s social leaders need to come together to provide new leadership for Canada; a social vision that not only trumps politics but that sets national priorities that are then interpreted and enacted through political platforms and government initiatives.  I don’t see socialism, capitalism, or “green” as goals unto themselves, they are different means to the common end of helping us live better lives.  If we start with a strong vision of our Canada, our provinces, and communities, I believe each party can find unique ways to achieve these goals.

I believe we are on the cusp of a new wave in leadership: new high-level collaborations aimed at empowering action (the Greater Toronto CivicAction Alliance is an early example), and new high-level government strategies that address current issues and priorities through tangible actions that will improve our lives.

To get there, we need strong voices in support of a positive vision for our country.  We need our social and business leaders to work together as partners in a new Canada.  We need our politicians and governments to focus on solutions that will help us live better as part of a vibrant and sustainable Canada.

This is my personal manifesto.  Feel free to forward it to your friends, share on Facebook or write your own.  Perhaps with a little momentum we can trigger renewed pride in Canada and commitment to a better and more sustainable future.



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