The Challenge

Getting the future we want!


We face dark days ahead, the twin threats of economic uncertainty and environmental degradation. Either we dig in our heels and avoid reality, or we embrace the future and find ways to live better with less.

Most of us know already that we need a more sustainable future. We know we need to act on climate change. And so many of you are already taking action – in your lives and in your businesses. You deserve support to make the solutions easy, affordable, and desirable.

This is the real challenge — finding solutions that improve our lives at the same time as they reduce our environmental impact. Solutions that save people money, build stronger communities, and create meaningful work in an efficient and resilient economy. Solutions people want.



Embracing the Challenge

Achieving the future we want is no easy task.  Recognizing the scale and complexity of the challenge is the first step in designing elegant and catalytic solutions, whether as a small organization or for a national campaign. We embrace complexity in order to promote simplicity.

We start with a vision of Canada as a great place to live. Our solutions are designed to be a catalyst for a voluntary and progressive transition to the future we want.