A Canadian Vision

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A Canadian Vision

Canada is a great place to live – and we want to keep it that way.

We need a strong social vision, that trumps politics and economics; a vision that can translate the United Nations sustainable development goals into the Canadian context.

The graphic at right (click to expand) is a call to action written in 2013, but is even more relevant today.

Moving forward, we need Canada’s social, business and political leaders to unite in support of core Canadian values and a vision of a sustainable and just future. We need national and regional collaborations to build a shared agenda around common goals.


Ones to Watch

Some examples of note:

  1. CivicAction, bringing business, groups, and government leaders together in the Greater Toronto Area. CivicAction has been around since 2002, and works to promote cooperation of social, economic and environmental projects. There is a strong emphasis on leadership, and on empowering others to lead. Commendable, and a great model.
  2. the Leap Manifesto, a new effort spearheaded by social leaders and organizations across the country. The Manifesto is an attempt to set a national agenda based on caring for the earth and one another.  We need to continue this dialogue, refine it, expand the consensus, and emerge with a strong social vision of the future we want.