Climate Action 2016: are we climate ready?

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2015 was the year for climate commitments. 2016 is the year for action. Are we ready? Climate action is much more than a price on carbon, or a government plan. It’s about empowering action by people, communities, and businesses across Canada. It’s about positive solutions that improve our lives while reducing carbon pollution. To get […]

Big Oil Malaysia

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A wake up call for Canada Originally published in Alternatives Journal Online Think Global is a blog series from Canada Conserves’ Chris Winter. During a year-long trip around the world with his family, Chris is sharing examples of how other countries are dealing with environmental and sustainability challenges, and teasing out ideas and approaches that we […]

The Case for a Climate Fund

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Let’s put a carbon tax to work for a better future. Originally published in Alternatives Journal Online.   The Province of Ontario is currently soliciting advice on a new climate strategy to reach its carbon reduction targets of 15 per cent lower than 1990 levels by 2020, and 80 per cent lower by 2050. These […]

We Deserve Better

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I’ve long thought that Canada’s social leaders need to come together to provide new leadership for Canada; a social vision that not only trumps politics but that sets national priorities that are then interpreted and enacted through political platforms and government initiatives.  I don’t see socialism, capitalism, or “green” as goals unto themselves, they are […]