Why “conserve”?

There are a thousand reasons to conserve, from saving money to saving the planet.

Conserving is action!  Never doubt that our actions can’t make a difference.  Consumer demand for conservation changed the auto industry, and community demand for local and organic food is changing our food system.  Demand for conservation shifts the economy and affects government policy.

We are all conservers!  Conservation is not about waiting for someone else to solve the problem.  It is a commitment to lead, whether as an individual, a business, or a government.

Conservation moves us in the right direction.  Conservation alone can’t guarantee us a sustainable future or a healthy environment.  But it moves us in the right direction, reduces our impact and gives us a better chance to react to future crises.

Conservation makes sense of what our religious or personal values and our indigenous cultures tell us about living in harmony with nature.  It makes economic sense as well, at both a global and a personal level.

Being a conserver is cool.  Done right, a conserver lifestyle is a much better way to live — live with nature, save  energy, drive less, eat better, live local.  There are so many ways to live better by using less, and so many organizations and businesses that can help you get there!