The Next Wave

We face dark days ahead…

stormcloudsWe have a choice. We can argue whether or not the crisis will happen, or we can focus on solutions that we know people want.

And what if we did focus on positive change?  What if we decided to start with a vision of the Canada we want, and worked to create the environment, economy, and society that will ensure Canada remains a great place to live?

Family on bikes outdoors smilingWell, for starters, we’d promote solutions that improve our quality of life, save money, and reduce our environmental impact.

We’d invest in communities – great places to live that are walkable, have public transit and are safe for cycling; and that have places to go for shopping, recreation, culture, food, and community services. We’d help people save on their energy bills through conservation, and help build energy independence through community power and renewable energy. We’d support local and sustainable food, local markets, community gardens, and local restaurants.  Imagine that as a climate plan: improving the quality of our lives while reducing our costs and pollution.

As a result, we’d become more resilient – as individuals and communities, businesses and our economy, and as a country.  We’d invest in conservation and a value-added local economy.

In short, we’d learn to live better with less.

Welcome to the next wave in environmentalism and sustainability.  We’re driven by concern, and focused on hope.

Who are we?

We are people who want to live better with less, businesses and organizations that offer products and services to make it easier to live lightly, and governments committed to investing in our future.

How will this movement grow?

  1. Organically – the change is already happening.  Whether to save money or to save the planet, people are already choosing to live better with less.
  2. Strategically – through projects and campaigns, products and services, and policies and incentives that will make it easy, affordable, and desirable to live better with less.
  3. Through high-level government plans and social collaborations aimed at shifting Canada onto a more sustainable path.

Chances are, you are already part of this movement.  We just need to find ways to be a catalyst for the positive change that is all around us.  Before change is forced upon us.

Update: November 2014

The initial report on The Next Wave is now available.