Redefine Wealth

Redefine Wealth

We're #3, apparently
We were #3, apparently. Oh, now we are #6

Canadians want Canada to be a great place to live.  Let’s make it that way.

A key step is to transform the way we measure prosperity.  It’s not the money we have to buy things, nor the material wealth that money can buy, it is the quality of the lives we lead.

We need to elevate the quality of life over the gross national product.   Sound crazy?  Actually, if the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) can develop an international Better
Life Index, then it’s not that far-fetched a concept.  Canada rates fairly well, but we could still do a whole lot better.

Our governments, local through federal, can help by adopting the Better Life Index as a measure of success.   For more information, see the Canadian Index of Wellbeing.

How you can help

A conserver lifestyle (live better with less) fits neatly with a better life index .  By emphasizing personal growth over material growth, we foster a low impact lifestyle and a high quality of life.

  • Be active.  Get involved in your community and in local activities.  Get outdoors and enjoy both formal and informal opportunities for recreation and exercise.
  • Invest in personal growth. Acquire knowledge and memories.
  • Live local.  Support your local arts, culture, and community.