Global Goals

HeyCanadaThe United Nations has endorsed a new set of goals for sustainable development – 17 new goals to replace the 8 Millenium Development Goals.

Should we care?

There are certainly enough reasons not to be bothered. It’s another global plan – the kind that is great on paper and really difficult to implement on the ground.

Well, it turns out we should, and for more reasons than you might think.

This is the mother of all international strategies. It’s the one that looks at all the pieces and asks “how are we going to get survive?”

These are goals for a better world. It links environmental sustainability with basic human rights and aspirations. Quality of life is a cornerstone of sustainable development

What does it mean for us, here in Canada?

Well, for starters, it’s an opportunity to get our own house in order. We used to be leaders in tackling issues of sustainability. Let’s aim high!

Apply the UN goals to Canada

Imagine a national strategy built around the 17 international goals. The social, economic, and environmental components of the UN agenda provide an unparalleled opportunity to unite for a better future.

Help /other Countries

As a country of immigrants, Canada has strong cultural ties around the world, especially with countries that are struggling to raise their standard of living. Focus our efforts on aid, not trade – and on helping other countries achieve their own goals for sustainable development.

For more information on the UN Sustainability Goals, including the full list of fifteen year targets, go here: