Enjoy Nature

Enjoy Nature

Be at home with nature.
Be at home with nature.

Be part of nature, wherever you live, for only then can you truly appreciate its value.

The environment surrounds us; it is inescapable.  Nature, however, can easily be lost; it needs to be protected and nurtured.

Our commitment to nature must be at two levels: to be at home with nature, and to support nature.

Be at home with nature

No matter where we live, from rural homes to downtown condos, we should seek opportunities to appreciate and be part of nature.

A camper at the Pine Project, whose motto is “Be more, need less”.

The list of things we can do is endless:

  • walk, hike, showshoe, or ski in your local park or natural area
  • plant trees, or help naturalize local greenspace
  • adopt a stream
  • plant native species in your yard to encourage birds and butterflies
  • put up a birdfeeder
  • take on a schoolyard naturalization project
  • plan local greenspaces and greenstreets
  • sign your kids up for nature camps


 Support nature

As much as we commit to do better in our own lives, we should help counter the damage we have caused.

We do so much harm to nature, we should give something back.   Pick your priority, be it a local cause, provincial or Canadian, or an international campaign, and lend a hand. Support groups that are helping protect and restore endangered spaces and species.


We’ll have a factsheet online with links and ideas shortly…