Green Jobs

Great green jobs

A sustainable future depends on great green jobs.

A sustainable future rests on our ability to create great green jobs — meaningful work that generates reasonable income and contributes to the health of our society and economy.

We can come at this challenge from two angles: greening the conventional economy, and creating a new green economy.

Greening the Economy

Greening the conventional economy requires business leadership in sustainable development from cradle to grave.  Every business, large and small, needs a green plan to cover its operations, products or services, and community support.  There are many options for certification and recognition, but it would help if we could all agree on a common approach to market green businesses to consumers.   Here’s one idea on our page on business leadership.

A new green economy

As the conventional global economy becomes increasingly shaky, we need to develop local resiliency in order to provide a buffer against future turbulence, if not the foundation for long term sustainability.  Creating a new green economy requires individual passion and leadership, but it also requires nurturing.  Three ways our governments can help are through:

  • innovation centres – places where new social ventures and businesses can be nurtured;
  • training and support – integrating entrepreneurial thinking into education and training;
  • incentives – financial support for new ventures.


How you can help

  • Buy green.  Support people and businesses that have made sustainability a core part of their business.
  • Green your job. Look for ways to green your job or business.
  • Green your career. If you are starting out, look at options for green jobs.

We’ll have a factsheet with ideas and resource online soon…