Good Food

Re-Connecting with Food

Surround yourself with good food!
Surround yourself with good food!

A conserver society will have a close and passionate relationship with food.  Time to re-connect.

Personal choices

  • Buy organic or natural  — invest in healthy food, reduce your environmental impact
  • Buy bulk — save money, eat healthier
  • Eat local — support local farmers, reduce your environmental impact
  • Go vegetarian — save money, eat healthier, reduce your environmental impact
  • Shop at farmer’s markets — eat healthier, support local farmers and producers, reduce your environmental impact
  • Support local restaurants — eat great food, support the local economy

Community Choices

  • Start (or join) a food buying club — save money, support local and organic farmers
  • Start (or join) a community garden — save money, build community
  • Start (or join) a community food co-op — invest in healthy food, build community
  • Volunteer with local food banks and food projects — build community

Check our food resources factsheet for more ideas and links.