Conserve Resources

Conserve natural resources

Conserving resources is essential for future prosperity.

You can tell a lot about a country by how it manages its resources.  Do we want to live in a country that maximizes profit by selling off the future, or a country that carefully manages resources for the good of all?

Canada’s record is far from admirable.  We depleted the east coast cod fishery, paved over prime farmland with urban sprawl, clear-cut our forests, and polluted our water with waste from mines.  And now they tell us the oil sands can be developed responsibly and shipped safely…

Our resources need to be managed for future generations, not for greed and profit.  To restore public confidence in resource management, we need to restore:

  • state of the environment reporting – independent regular reports on the state and trends with respect to resource consumption and environmental pollution;
  • national and provincial resource sustainability strategies – a clear vision for resource sustainability within each jurisdiction and the financial resources to adequately monitor, plan, and control the sustainable development of resources;
  • social and business leadership – ongoing high-level dialogue on sustainable development in Canada and a commitment to proactive leadership.

How you can help

We fuel the greed, so in the end it is up to us to change the message.

  • Live well.  Be part of an economy based on personal development instead of material acquisition.
  • Be a green consumer.  Support green businesses. Avoid excess packaging, disposable items.  Buy durable products.
  • Conserve resources at home.  Saving energy and water are two good places to start.