Community Action Reviews

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Community Action Reviews

For all you municipalities out there who already have a climate or sustainability plan — or even if you are just getting started — you are probably wondering, “how can we best engage our community and public as part of the solution?”

If you are looking for a little advice, we can help.

As part of a community action review, we will:

  • review your program documentation
  • assess your context with respect to issues, market, and positioning
  • identify strengths and gaps (if any)
  • provide ideas for implementing a community action plan

Each review will be led by our project director, Chris Winter, and additional expertise can brought in for more detailed projects or for specific needs.

A high level conservation review can also be done for companies, provincial or federal ministries, or for organizations – the overall approach and concepts are the same.  A review of your initiatives will take around two days, depending on amount of material to cover.   It’s an excellent way to introduce yourselves to Canada Conserves, and to help us build up a database of conservation leaders across Canada.
[stextbox id=”info” caption=”Introductory Special: $500 ” shadow=”true”]Send us the links to your environmental plan, community engagement activities and related information and we will conduct a high level contextual review and provide you with an overview assessment and recommendations.  We get to know you, and you get tailored advice on how to support community-based action.  Sounds like a good deal all around.

Please contact us for more information.