Political Leadership

For some people, politics is everything.  Your party is your team and you will always root for your team to win.  Our goal is to ensure that every party has fully integrated conserver values into its platform. That’s when we all win.

Every party embodies a philosophical approach which influences their views on all issues.   Their goal is to achieve power, and to do so they need votes.  Every party has a strong core membership, so the real effort is on garnering the support of the swing vote.  To do that, they need to identify issues and policies that resonate with the public.

The environment has always been one of the top five issues, occasionally rising to be the top election issue in times of crisis. The challenge has always been finding policies that connect with a majority of voters.

Conservation answers that problem, and it allows each party to propose solutions consistent with their guiding philosophy.  Canadians are concerned about out future; we want to see solutions that will improve our lives, our communities, and our economy

The bottom line is this:  in future, all parties will need to demonstrate how their platform and philosophy will help us live better with less.

For more detail on political party principles and policies, check out the following Wikipedia links: