Community Leadership

Organize Your Community

Funny thing, these communities.  They can be a neighbourhood, or they can be your community of peers, or a community of folks who share your values.  When we talk about supporting or organizing your community, we usually mean a local neighbourhood.  But, truth be told, all the tools for organizing a neighbourhood can also be used to organize a business community or a cultural community.

The Conservation Council of Ontario’s Community Action manual

Really want to make change happen?  Organize your community!

  1. Start with a community network — make a list of all the local groups working to create a healthy and green community
    1. create a listserve or an e-newsletter
    2. host networking meetings or planning sessions to share ideas
  2. Build a common vision
    1. hold a community workshop to list projects (current and proposed) and community projects
    1. draft a vision statement and action plan to get you there
    2. promote and raise funds for your plan
  3. Implement your plan
    1. Help groups find funds, in-kind support, and volunteers for their projects
    2. Develop community campaigns to address common priorities

Some great resources on community action are available, including: