Help Out

Get involved

Roll up your sleeves, or pull out your wallet. Either way, it’s time to pitch in and help make conservation a priority

  • in your school
  • at work
  • in your community
  • across Canada

There is no shortage of great ideas and initiatives.  You don’t need to create the wheel — just give it a friendly push any way you can.  Be a catalyst for the change that is happening all around us.  Here’s some ideas:

  1. Be an ambassador.  Research local solutions and show how living better with less can help your school, workplace, community, or government address environmental, economic and social priorities.
  2. Start a project.
  3. Join or start a group
  4. Support local, provincial, and national groups.

Above all, have fun.  Get involved in issues that interest you (nature, resources, local economy, or community) and help out!


More details on opportunities to help to come….