A Conserver Economy

Our economy sustains us.  It turns resources into amenities; those we need and those we want.

A conserver economy focuses on quality over quantity.  It starts with the quality of life, and then works back to find the best way to achieve our goals.  Can we heat and power our homes with less oil, gas and nuclear power?  Can we grow more food locally? Can getting from point A to point B (and back again) be a more pleasurable experience? Can we create more local, high-quality jobs and businesses?

A conserver economy is a whole new approach to business.  But, guess what — it’s already happening.  We just need to be a catalyst for change by supporting the new green entrepreneurs and existing businesses that are committed to conservation.

In the end, a conserver economy will make it easier for each of us to live a conserver lifestyle at home — using less and living better.