Canada's Challenge

We face tough times ahead. For the sake of our environment, our economy, and ourselves, we need to plan for a sustainable future.

But do we have to view it as a sacrifice? Should we conserve only in times of crisis? Canada Conserves dares to ask "can we live better with less?" The answer is a resounding "yes!" And so, the question becomes, "How can we make it happen?"

Launched in 2012, Canada Conserves was a four year research project led by Chris Winter into Canada's environmental and sustainability movements. With "The Next Wave", it delved deep into the negative trends to find common threads and opportunities to reshape the environmental sector to deliver a positive vision and solutions for the challenges that lie ahead. More recently, it has honed the solutions into opportunities for organizations and a concept for a national climate action campaign.

There are answers - from big ideas to on-the-ground projects that turn big ideas into bite size pieces. Lets get Canada moving toward the future we want!

The Future Canadians Want

Canada is a great place to live. We all want to keep it that way. This is how.

The answer is quite simple: focus on solutions that improve our quality of life and save money while at the same time reducing climate emissions and our environmental footprint.  We get vibrant neighbourhoods, better transportation, lower energy bills, energy security, and local food and jobs.

We are over 35 million people in Canada. Each and every one of us needs to be part of the Canada’s climate and sustainability plans – in the choices we make, through our work and volunteering in our communities, and through our voices and collective vision for our future.

Public outreach and community engagement can be complex and messy, which is why most climate plans don’t include a strong public component. It’s a huge gap.

At Canada Conserves, we believe community action is not only possible, it is absolutely essential to Canada’s ability to shift to a low carbon future. We cannot do it without the incentives for conservation and investments in our communities that will accelerate a voluntary and graceful transition to a better future. We can’t get there without building a culture of conservation — living better with less.

Our solutions look at ways to support public and community action on climate change and a sustainable future — including government leadership, community planning, and individual action. Our projects look at ways to translate those solutions into action.